Globally Minded US Citizens

The global mindset.

Many of our US-connected clients have lived in multiple countries and may speak numerous languages. They have seen the world, not through the lens of the US media, but through their experience of living their life in a land that they might not call home.

This experience gives perspective, and this perspective gives knowledge. It takes discipline to think global when the rest of the US is thinking domestic. It is a sophisticated investor who can make sense of exposures when faced with assets in multiple currencies. It requires clear-thinking to understand the inter-generational challenges when one’s dependents span several territories.

At MASECO we work with our globally minded, US-connected families to deliver global investment management and wealth planning strategies in a manner that is designed specifically for them. Through combining over 30 years of Partner experience and a continued focus on the pursuit of knowledge, we help you identify what matters to you most so you can live your life without worry.

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Multi-currency investment solutions

Global considerations.

Investment Management approaches vary tremendously depending on one’s home country. This can be a concern for our globally minded US families who have left their mark across the world. Ensuring that our clients’ portfolios are structured to fit their needs without the invisible biases that often come with local opinion is vital.
We apply the key principles behind our Investment Philosophy and work with you to design portfolios that are built for your multi-faceted requirements.

A life well lived.

Most of our US-connected families have spent time across the globe and have left their mark abroad. Often, we have been a part of this journey. This experience gives perspective and this perspective informs decisions.

We work alongside our US families and their children and help guide them to make rational decisions to live a life well lived.

A life of less worry.

Globally minded US citizens face more choices than most.

These choices come in multiple guises, from economic to political, from currency questions to questions over domestic versus global exposures. We spend considerable time with our US-connected families breaking down these key decisions – the ones that are obvious and the one’s that seem invisible. The net result – a fully considered wealth plan and a life of less worry.

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