Working with financial intermediaries

MASECO Asia was founded to address the investment and wealth planning needs of US citizens in Asia. However, we also support the needs of institutions, financial advisers, trusts and foundations based in Hong Kong. Regulated by the SFC, we are committed to delivering tax-efficient and market-leading US discretionary investment portfolios.

Are you a trustee or foundation seeking a cohesive US/HK wealth management strategy? Perhaps you are a Hong Kong-based financial adviser with US clients and would like guidance on the best way to support their multi-jurisdictional needs.

We provide discretionary investment solutions to meet the diverse needs of globally minded investors: foundations, trusts and American private clients living in Asia.
Our wealth advisers draw on many years’ experience in asset management. They are well-versed in the complexities of different jurisdictions, tax structures, currencies and investment styles.
From an investment perspective, we build portfolios in-house, leveraging leading academic theory and high quality empirical evidence to create more robust investment portfolios for our clients.
If you don’t have the regulatory authorisations or specialist expertise to manage investments in-house for US clients, we are happy to discuss how we can support you. We can adopt a formal business relationship and be quite flexible in our approach.

To find out how we can support your wealth management needs, please get in touch or visit MASECO Asia Insight on this website.

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Working with financial intermediaries

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