Impact and sustainable investing

You can make a real difference while investing your wealth, aligning your investment strategy to your core beliefs and values. At MASECO Asia we fundamentally believe that everyone should consider the social impact of their investment decisions.

We realise that increasingly individuals want to invest in a manner that is consistent with their specific principles and values.

Sustainable and social impact investing takes into account business, social, environmental and economic factors to relocate capital to companies that are integrating responsible corporate governance and sustainable outcomes into their businesses and industries.
The concept of social investing can often be confusing for private investors. That’s why at MASECO Asia we clarify your investment options through our Blended Values Framework, so you can make educated choices on how to invest for social impact across your portfolio.
By combining traditional and sustainable investment strategies we aim to achieve each investor’s financial and personal goals. The power of investing for sustainability and social impact is that it aligns your wealth and your worldview.
We offer a range of strategies to implement value-based investing, for example we can incorporate sustainable strategies into your portfolio. If this is something that you find of interest, please discuss this with your dedicated Wealth Manager.
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Our approach to sustainable investing
What is sustainable investing?

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Impact and sustainable investing

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