Simplifying US Tax Payments

Make Paying Your US Taxes Easier

It’s no secret that being a US taxpayer is onerous, especially for those living abroad. Preparing returns, filing supplemental schedules, and completing FBARs is tedious and complicated.  For many overseas taxpayers, the headache doesn’t end when the return is submitted. The “simple” exercise of remitting US tax payments can be challenging.  Often, this involves converting foreign currency, wiring funds to a US account, and/or posting checks from overseas (and hoping they aren’t lost in the mail).

Electronic Federal Tax Payment System®

The Electronic Federal Tax Payment System® (EFTPS) tax payment service is provided free by the U.S. Department of the Treasury. It enables US taxpayers to pay their federal taxes online, and this includes estimated payments. Businesses can also enroll for the service. The user completes an enrollment process and links their EFTPS account to a US bank account. Once enrolled, the user can access the site to make one-off payments, schedule estimates, and view payment history.

By using this service, taxpayers can reduce the risk of lost or mismatched payments and confirm when their payment has settled. For those who find there is nothing easy about US taxes, this just might make your life a little easier!

If you are a US taxpayer who has struggled with the logistical challenges of paying taxes while overseas, visit to enroll.

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