Private Wealth Service

MASECO’s Private Wealth Service is focused on Americans living in the UK and US with at least $1 million in investable assets and who may have financial needs that span both jurisdictions. Clients can invest either on a Discretionary or Intermediated basis and benefit from partnering with a US/UK Wealth Adviser to provide ongoing wealth management advice.

We work closely with you to develop a deep understanding of your wealth goals, individual personal circumstances, risk parameters, investment knowledge and experience as well as time horizon. We will structure and recommend ways that you can invest your wealth in order to meet your goals in the most tax-efficient and cost effective manner.

Our personalised service is about more than tax-efficient portfolio management. We seek to be a proactive partner with you on your investment journey. Wealth Planning is our approach to building a comprehensive financial strategy that addresses your personal values, goals and vision. We help you to develop bespoke wealth structuring solutions that are designed to meet your specific goals. As your life progresses your Wealth Planning requirements will change. As such we have developed the following US/UK Wealth Planning Modules that will address your needs as and when you need them:

     USWealthEnhance™ – Tax, cash flow and retirement planning
     USWealthTransfer™ – The effective transfer of wealth to others
     USWealthProtect™   – Risk mitigation through use of relevant insurance and legal structures
     USWealthImpact™    – Meeting charitable intentions in the most effective and efficient way

A successful outcome for you will be based on a collection of everyday financial decisions you make through life that will impact the bigger picture. We help to ensure that you make robust, sensible and logical decisions that will maximise the chances of successfully meeting your broader life goals.

Our ongoing relationship management helps provide you with peace of mind and continued financial support as you navigate life’s inevitable challenges and encounter varying tax rules and legislative changes.

Clients of our Private Wealth Service pay an ongoing fee based on assets under management that not only delivers our investment expertise through Smart Beta portfolio management but also secures the benefit of our Wealth Planning to ensure that you always maintain a cohesive strategy with respect to your financial life.