Happy Chinese New Year

Over the past few months, MASECO Asia has been working on the refresh of our brand and website to be more in line with our modern and innovative culture.

Our original brand was created when the company was founded back in 2016. It was distinctive and resembled the business at the time, but, since then, the business has evolved.

As such, we wanted to ensure that our brand reflects who we are today and the way we think about the world and the future. Our challenge was to align our brand in a way that reflected our origins, our strong financial planning expertise, our smart-beta investment philosophy, and our commitment to delivering the most outstanding level of expertise and client experience.

You may have noticed our new branding coming through in our communication and literature over the past few months; however, a few weeks ago, our refreshed website officially went live.

Although the changes have been complete for a few weeks, we felt it was appropriate to launch the new website and branding now at the start of the Chinese New Year. This Lunar New Year brings the Year of the Tiger.

The tiger is associated with bravery, confidence and strength, characteristics reflective of our values at MASECO Asia. In alignment with the tiger’s high-octane energy, experts suggest taking the leap, making the change, or starting the big new thing. Therefore, we thought it would be fitting to officially reveal our new website and branding today, as we begin the Year of the Tiger. We hope you are as thrilled as we are with the outcome.

May the Year of the Tiger bring you strength, good health, and prosperity. Kung hei fat choi!

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