Exercise Your Right to Vote While Abroad

Unless you’ve been living on a remote island with no access to communication for the last several months, you are no doubt aware of the highly controversial U.S. Presidential election campaign in which the nation is currently embroiled. Regardless of your political affiliation or preference (or abhorrence) for one candidate over another, this election cycle has reiterated the importance of being a part of the political process. The stakes are high as the candidates have widely diverging views on topics such as economic policy, immigration reform, gun control, LGBT rights and everything in between.

Participating in a general election while abroad requires advance planning in order to ensure you are registered for an absentee ballot by the applicable deadline. The Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) recommends mailing your ballot in at least 4 weeks before the election. Some states now allow voted ballots to be submitted by email or fax, though this means you may have to waive your right to a secret ballot. Many states also now offer verification services to voters to help track registrations and ballots.
Even if you have enrolled as an absentee voter in the past, you will need to complete a new Federal Post Card Application for each election cycle. The State Department recommends doing this each January to account for any mid-term elections.

To learn more or to complete your absentee ballot registration, you can visit the following sites:
U.S. Department of State:
Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP)

Risk Warnings and Important Information

The above article does not take into account the specific goals or requirements of individual users. You should carefully consider the suitability of any strategies along with your financial situation prior to making any decisions on an appropriate strategy.

By Ashley Scher

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